Time-Tracker uses A.I. to analyze your work and give you meaningful insights about your daily activities, so you can focus on what matters.

Visual Insights Reflect on your work.

Time-Tracker shows you all the data you need, aesthetically presented directly on your start screen. With the Reports feature you get deeper into analysis of all your work data:

  • In-depth work hours analysis.
  • Unified activity analysis (per project, per feature, per team member).
  • Revenue analysis, compared with internal / external jobs.
  • Everyday's fact about an interesting insight of your work behaviours.

Reminders For those who don't like playing memory.

We can not remember everything but we can create the illusion that we do. Thanks to polite reminders you will never forget to track your work hours or send your invoices to your client. Time-Tracker will think of it for you.

Time Tracking Re-thinked.

Time tracking as simple and intuitive as it can be. We think that visualisation is key when it comes to keeping an overview over your schedule. Hashtags make capturing and structuring your tasks superquick and convenient.

Micro GoalsBe focused instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Short and sweet is our motto when it comes to setting goals. The Micro Goals Feature allows you to set time periods when you want to accomplish a certain task. Using this method you get a feel for how much time you need for your tasks.

InvoicingEssential things done easy.

Reduce the time you need for obligatory tasks to a minimum and create larger time slots for the work that is really important to you. Time-Tracker helps you with your invoices using your data input. All you have to do is a quick review and your invoice is on the way to the client.

Team ManagementPlay nicely together.

Be on the same page with your team. Manage your members and invite guests who work with you on your project. Using Time-Tracker Live-View you have a great overview of your busy bee’s work. Keep track of what your team is doing.

Data ProtectionIt’s personal. That’s why we protect your data.

We care about your privacy, and caring about privacy means taking security seriously. The team behind Time-Tracker has years of experience in building web applications for some of the biggest brands in the world. You can hold us to the same standard.

We use appropriate protocols and database encryption to keep your data safe, and promise never to sell your data to third parties.

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